Happy Hour with Josh

The Bretl Autumn Old Fashioned

Watch along as Josh makes his world famous Autumn Old Fashioned! Maple syrup, apple cider, and Bourbon, oh my! And will Dave learn how to properly stir an Old Fashioned?

Video Transcript

Dave Schmidt: You recording?

Josh Bretl: The red light’s on.

Dave Schmidt: Red lights on.

Josh Bretl: This is like a podcast. We’re just gonna keep talking awkwardly as it starts.

Dave Schmidt: Oh, it’s just like a podcast?

Josh Bretl: No, I don’t know.

Dave Schmidt: Oh.

Josh Bretl: Hi guys. This is Josh with FSR Wealth Strategies. And those of you that haven’t listened to our podcast yet, don’t know who this fine looking fellow is here. This is my good friend, Dave.

Dave Schmidt: Hello.

Josh Bretl: Thanks for saying hi.

Dave Schmidt: Oh yeah, sure.

Josh Bretl: Dave and I do record the Retirement Equals Freedom Podcast together. And this month though for our newsletter, I wanted to share with you something special, and that was Dave’s idea. Dave said, “Why don’t you share a cocktail recipe that you make?” So, Dave, question for you.

Dave Schmidt: Yes.

Josh Bretl: What’s your favorite cocktail?

Dave Schmidt: Well, Josh, I’m a fan of cocktails in general, but if you were to ask me my favorite, it would have to be the Bretl world famous Autumn Old Fashioned. 

Josh Bretl: Oh funny. I just happen to have the ingredients there for that.

Dave Schmidt: Wow. Wow. How about that?

Josh Bretl: Actually one of my wife and I’s favorite things to do is to entertain and we like to come up with new recipes, including drink recipes. And Dave gets to be the recipient of that every now and then. So this is one of our favorite fall time drinks and I thought I’d share it with you. So I’m gonna walk through this here and, uh, Dave, if you would help me as pumpkin time and all that stuff.

Dave Schmidt: Yeah, we’re gonna carve this afterwards?

Josh Bretl: Um, no, no. That’s too messy.

Dave Schmidt: Yeah.

Josh Bretl: So Dave, if you would take two of those glasses there, fill ’em up with ice?

Dave Schmidt: Sure thing. 

Josh Bretl: I’d appreciate it. And I’m gonna start by getting some of the ingredients ready. So this old fashioned has apple cider and now is good apple cider time. This is fresh apple cider. It has fresh maple syrup in it, as well as some bourbon. But we’re gonna start, if you would put two shakes of Angostura Bitters in each one. Thank you. Perfect. You’re excellent at that. And what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put a half ounce- 

Dave Schmidt: Josh, do you have a favorite bitters? Is this your go to, Angostura? 

Josh Bretl: Angostura is a pretty solid one. It’s not flavored, it’s just their basic bitters. For this cocktail, I just like their basic bitters.

Dave Schmidt: Okay.

Josh Bretl: So this is a half ounce of maple syrup.

Dave Schmidt: Mm-hmm. 

Josh Bretl: And I’ll put one in your glass too. They’re a half ounce. 

Dave Schmidt: Is this from my recent trip to Canada when I went out into the wilderness and extracted the maple syrup from the trees?

Josh Bretl: Uh, no, this is from my recent trip to Jewels.

Dave Schmidt: Oh, Jewel, Jewels right, cause you’re like south side.

Josh Bretl: We’re from Chicago. Yeah.

Dave Schmidt: Yeah right, Jewels.

Josh Bretl: But maple syrup does matter. Now, I’m also doing a half ounce of apple cider.

Dave Schmidt: Fresh apple cider.

Josh Bretl: Again, this is also from Jewels.

Dave Schmidt: Now, I would strongly recommend if you go to fall festivals in your town, get that fresh squeezed apple cider, it’s the best.

Josh Bretl: Oh, that and an apple cider donut.

Dave Schmidt: Yeah.

Josh Bretl: Oh, now we’re talking.

Dave Schmidt: Mm-hmm. 

Josh Bretl: So two ounces there.

Dave Schmidt: Two ounces?

Josh Bretl: I’m sorry. Half an ounce.

Dave Schmidt: Half ounce.

Josh Bretl: Two ounces when the good stuff comes in. Okay. So there we go. Half ounce there. So I have a half ounce of maple syrup. Half ounce of apple cider.

Dave Schmidt: Yep.

Josh Bretl: And then, we’re gonna take two ounces of bourbon. I’m using Woodford Reserve. Any good simple bourbon will work.

Dave Schmidt: Do you want rye or do you want-

Josh Bretl: No, I do not like rye in this one. It adds too much of a bitter flavor. This is just good old, simple bourbon.

Dave Schmidt: Yeah.

Josh Bretl: And then Dave, I’m gonna ask you … after I pour this in here

Dave Schmidt: Mm-hmm. 

Josh Bretl: As I spill it all over the floor. If you would, and the table, if you would give me a little stir in each of those, I’d appreciate it.

Dave Schmidt: I think, um-

Josh Bretl: You’re gonna taste test it. Well now we have to wash that glass before I make others for people.

Dave Schmidt: I approve.

Josh Bretl: Okay, well now you’re not stirring straight. 

Dave Schmidt: So, so, stirring, shaken, not stirred.

Josh Bretl: Oh, stop, stop, stop. If you’re gonna stir, you really gotta get in there and give it a good stir.

Dave Schmidt: I’m sorry you didn’t teach me how to do this.

Josh Bretl: Get that, you know, get the maple syrup and the apple cider all mixed in there.

Dave Schmidt: Can I redeem myself on this one?

Josh Bretl: Yeah, try it. Don’t spill it though.

Dave Schmidt: Like the Swedish Chef [Muppets Swedish Chef] 

Josh Bretl: Dave also has young children. His son Landon is the same age as my kids, so he’s used to those those fun shows. Now-

Dave Schmidt: Good?

Josh Bretl: -Here’s the most important part, you can put the spoon down.

Dave Schmidt: Okay.

Josh Bretl: A little bit of nutmeg, just on the top, adds so much. Just a touch. And a little bit of cinnamon.

Dave Schmidt: Oh man.

Josh Bretl: Just right on the top.

Dave Schmidt: Freshly ground cinnamon from Jewels.

Josh Bretl: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. I even got the generic kind. And there.

Dave Schmidt: Oh, we ready?

Josh Bretl: Cheers.

Dave Schmidt: No, no cherries.

Josh Bretl: No, not for this one. This is where the cinnamon comes in.

Dave Schmidt: Okay. Let’s see-

Josh Bretl: If you really wanna get fancy you can do a cinnamon stick, but I like the fresh ground. Isn’t that good?

Dave Schmidt: Just smells, mmmm. Ready?

Josh Bretl: Oh, it’s fantastic. So-

Dave Schmidt: Oh my gosh!

Josh Bretl: I hope you guys enjoy it when you try my world famous Autumn Old Fashioned.

Dave Schmidt: Cheers

Josh Bretl: Cheers. 

Dave Schmidt: Oh my God, this is so good. Oh man, ohhhhh!

Michael Senese: Slapping that pumpkin, I was trying so hard not to laugh-