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Taxes in Retirement

While you’re working you don’t have much control over your taxes. When you retire all of this changes, and you suddenly have a whole lot of control over how much taxes your pay.

As a retiree you have a whole lot of control over taxes

Josh introduces the Taxes in Retirement page

Nobody wants to talk about taxes. And when you’re retired that statement is especially true!

In your working years you have very little control over how much tax you’re going to pay. But as a retiree, you actually have a ton of control. Not only do you have control, but the taxes that you pay will determine, to a great extent, a few things:

  • How long your money will last
  • Or how long your money will be available to the next generation.

Tax laws are constantly changing.

Each new administration brings something new, and with our government’s spending, your taxes as a retiree are going to be extremely important.

I encourage all retirees to spend way more time on the topic of taxes than just about any other topic in regards to retirement.

I promise to make these videos, white papers, and articles as entertaining as possible. More importantly I promise to make them easy to understand so you can apply them to your specific situation.

Don’t take your tax situation lightly.

Taxes in Retirement


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Preparing for a Future with Volatile Markets

Are you prepared for a future of volatile markets? In March ’22, we hosted a client workshop at The Morton Arboretum that focused on market corrections. Despite our clients being assured over and over that they’re well prepared for these corrections, a lot of them admitted that they’re still scared.
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Russia, Ukraine, and Your Retirement

Russia, Ukraine, and YOUR retirement. Markets are always volatile in response to a geopolitical event. We’ve seen this before, and while things typically bounce back rather quickly, it’s perfectly O.K. to feel nervous.
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Taxes and the IRS in 2022

This year, it’s more important than ever to have some patience as you’re getting ready to prepare your tax return. In this video, I’ve got some key tips to make sure that you have a smooth process so you get your refund as quick as humanly possible.
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Mindset Change – Taxes in Retirement – 07.2021

Taxes are the variable nobody likes to talk about, but while in retirement, you have much more control than you did during your working years. You need to shift your mindset while in retirement, because you may be losing a lot of money from paying too much taxes.
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My Thoughts on the Tax Law Changes

Proposed tax law changes are being sold to us like a timeshare. They’re saying these changes will only impact the wealthy and not the average American. We’re being told that we’re going to receive all these extra benefits from the changes.
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Tax Law Changes Overview

We are in a year of presidential and congressional transition which always brings with it changes to tax laws. Now more than ever, taxes are going to be a very important factor when it comes towards your retirement plan.

Taxes in Retirement

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