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Income in Retirement

In retirement your regularly scheduled paycheck doesn’t exist anymore. Everything you’re going to learn in these videos, white papers, and articles is intended to help you answer the question “How do I replace that paycheck?”

Income is the cornerstone of your retirement plan

Josh introduces the Income in Retirement page

When you’re working, you’ve got a paycheck. And as long as you don’t spend more than your paycheck, you’re better off than most of your neighbors.

In retirement that paycheck isn’t there anymore. What we’re going to talk about in these videos, white papers, and articles is all things, “How to replace that paycheck.”

The following are all extremely important topics which we’ll be covering in great detail.

Social Security

  • How do you maximize it for you and your family?
  • What’s the best for your situation?


  • How do you reduce the cost of Medicare?
  • What’s the best options for you?


  • If you’re lucky enough to have a pension you better decide what to do with it the right way.

Asset spend down:

  • What dollars should you spend and in what order?


  • Are you spending too much?
  • Are you spending too little.

Income in Retirement


Stock Market Volatility - January 24, 2022

Stock Market Volatility – January 24, 2022

After mostly ignoring bad news through the latter part of 2021, the market’s mood has shifted since the start of the new year. Volatility jumped significantly in the past week, sending major indexes into a downward spiral. A combination of factors is fueling the drop, including potential conflict between Russia and Ukraine, actions from the Federal Reserve, and ongoing uncertainty about the U.S. economy.
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Social Security With Income

With social security there are different rules from age 62 up until your full retirement age. Knowing which rule applies to you will impact when you can take social security.
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Fundamentals of Social Security Decision-Making

Let’s talk about the fundamentals of your social security decision-making, how the government calculates the numbers on your behalf, and how this data can affect your decision on when to take social security.
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Mindset Change – Income in Retirement – 07.2021

The first thing everybody needs to understand when it comes towards retirement is “Where is your money going to come from?” It’s not the same as when you were working. In your working years you had a paycheck. Now you have to replace that paycheck. You need to understand where your dollars are going to come from so that you can live your life.

Income in Retirement

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