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Leaving a Legacy

You can’t take your money with you when the leave this earth. So what type of legacy do you want to leave behind?

You’ve worked hard to build up a pile of money for your retirement

Josh introduces the Leaving a Legacy page

You’ve worked really hard your entire life to build up a pile of money that will be available to you doing your retirement. We can all agree that when you’re done on this earth you can’t take your money with you!

Your money has to go somewhere.

So what type of legacy do you want to leave? To some people it’s important to leave as much as humanly possible for other people.

For others, they prefer the leftover approach, and they want to live their life however they want to live it. They prefer to give whatever’s left over to their kids, their families, their friends, etc.

For some, their legacy will involve taking care of their favorite charities.

And to a lot of people, it’s a combination of all three approaches. With a little bit of planning your legacy can make a huge difference.

I’ll be covering topics that will help you create and leave your legacy. I also want you to live your life and do all the things you want to do!

Minimize the tax burden to others, maximize your lifestyle, and shape the legacy you leave for others after you’re gone.

Leaving a Legacy


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Leaving a Legacy

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