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As we introduce new marketing channels such as our Retirement Equals Freedom podcast, Java with Josh, webinars, live events, and much more, we want to give you the flexibility to tell us what you’re interested in hearing about.

So instead of sending emails to everyone about everything, tell us what you want to hear about! You can always revisit this form to update your preferences.

In this first section we’ll give you a short description of each email club we offer. Typically each email club represents one type of marketing, i.e. podcast, Java with Josh, etc.

Below our descriptions is a simple form you can use to tell us your preferences. For each email club you have checked, those are the emails you’ll receive from us. Please note that you can always revisit this page and update your preferences. Every emails we send has a unique link to your preferences page!

Also to note, our Own Your Retirement Email Club is sent once each month. These emails are typically pretty long, as they give you a summary of everything coming up for that month. This club is best for those that want to keep an eye on everything we’re doing, but don’t want the super specific emails dedicated to each club.

Own Your Retirement Email Club

We encourage everyone to join this club, as it’s our monthly “Here’s everything that’s happening,” email. You won’t see anything super specific about each thing mentioned, but you’ll have a solid overview of what we’re doing that month.

Retirement Equals Freedom Podcast

The Retirement Equals Freedom Podcast is a fortnightly show that helps retirees, and soon to be retirees, with the mindset change needed to thrive in retirement. Josh Bretl, owner of FSR Wealth Strategies, hosts the show along with his long-time pal, Dave, serving as co-host. Find our show in your favorite podcast app, including Spotify.

If you’re looking for a boring financial podcast, DO NOT listen to our show! We banter, make jokes, and sing. Our goal is to educate while having fun, but most importantly, we’re here to help make retirement the BEST part of your life!

Email Preferences

Email Preferences