Happy Hour with Josh

The Scott Smith Super Bowl Cocktail

Watch along as Josh makes the world’s hottest new cocktail – The Scott Smith Super Bowl Cocktail! Coffee liqueur, bourbon, orange rinds, oh my! Will Dave finally learn how to properly stir a cocktail?

Video Transcript

Dave Schmidt: Happy Hour with Josh, February 2023. 

Josh Bretl: Is that what we’re calling this? 

Dave Schmidt: That’s what we call it last time. 

Josh Bretl: You know what you told me? You said, “Hey big guy-

Dave Schmidt: Yeah.

Josh Bretl: “There is a big game coming up, and we’re sending an email out to everybody, let’s show them a cocktail they can drink and watch the Super Bowl. 

Dave Schmidt: A Super Bowl cocktail.

Josh Bretl: A Super Bowl cocktail. So this was actually, I had this for the first time last weekend with a good friend of mine, Scott Smith, and his wife Tracy. And- 

Dave Schmidt: I’m not Scott Smith. I was not invited. 

Josh Bretl: No you weren’t. 

Dave Schmidt: No. 

Josh Bretl: And I thought, oh, this is a great Super Bowl cocktail. So here it is, it’s pretty simple. I have two glasses. One for you, one for me. And I’m gonna start by filling them up with-

Dave Schmidt: Wait, wait w ait. Time out. Last time you let me do this. 

Josh Bretl: Yeah, then it got messy so I’m gonna do it this time. 

Dave Schmidt: Unbelievable. 

Josh Bretl: Um Ice, I’m not touching your ice. When it comes to my glass, I’m gonna manhandle it cause it’s a little bit easier to make sure it doesn’t go all over the place there.

Dave Schmidt: Sure. 

Josh Bretl: All right. After ice,

Dave Schmidt: I’m a little uneasy. This is one too many. We’ll just kind of chuck this over there.

Josh Bretl: Oh, you can do that one. Three dashes of orange bitters. Orange is the key here. 

Dave Schmidt: Last time we used Angostura. 

Josh Bretl: Angostura Yeah, this was just in my liquor cabinet. Orange bitters. Any orange bitters. Angostura makes a good orange bitters too.

Dave Schmidt: So two?

Josh Bretl: Three. Three. Three. Good dashes. 1, 2, 3. One more. That wasn’t very big. All right. Do the same here. 1, 2, 3. One more for good taste. All right, perfect. Now we’re done with the orange bitters. Now this starts with a coffee liquor.

Dave Schmidt: Yes.

Josh Bretl: Okay. Um, it’s a small amount. I’m using one of my personal favorites, which is Journeyman. Journeyman, you and I have been to together, actually it’s a small distillery in southwest Michigan. 

Dave Schmidt: We have lots of, memories from there.

Josh Bretl: We do,

Dave Schmidt: It’s one of our favorite spots to go with our buddies.

Josh Bretl: But they make a killer coffee liquor. They actually take their whiskey that’s finished and they soak it in coffee beans for like two months.

It’s fantastic. It’s a much lower alcohol content, but what we’re gonna do is we’re going to take a half an ounce of coffee liquor. Nope. Not trusting you on that one. 

Dave Schmidt: Unbelievable. 

Josh Bretl: Yep. Half an ounce into each one here. A coffee liquor, any coffee liquor will work. I just happen to have the Journeyman coffee liquor.

 And then a good bourbon bourn. Again, we’re using Woodford Reserve and there’s two ounces of bourbon here. 

Dave Schmidt: This is leftover from our first cocktail happy hour, and Josh locked it up so I could not consume it. 

Josh Bretl: I did. And that way it would be here for the second one, which I think this might be our last go round of this bottle here.

Dave Schmidt: Mm-hmm. .

Josh Bretl: So if you’re, I made a mess.

Dave Schmidt: Yeah you did.

Josh Bretl: It’s two ounces of bourbon. Mm-hmm, half an ounce of coffee liquor. All right. And we’re gonna stir real good. All right. So stirring, stirring, stirring, stirring- 

Dave Schmidt: Stirring with the homies.

Josh Bretl: All right.

Dave Schmidt: Oh-

Josh Bretl: You stir yours. Don’t make a mess. And as you’re doing that, the final step is an orange slice.

Dave Schmidt: And I’m getting really loud with this.

Josh Bretl: Okay. So, you know the way you stir, you stick it all the way in, and you go around the outside of the cup. You see how quiet the sound is?

Dave Schmidt: Oh yeah.

Josh Bretl: People’s eardrums are frying from what you just did there, but, um 

Dave Schmidt: Oh, lordy.

Josh Bretl: Yeah. Orange slice, just the rind of the orange.

Mm-hmm. . And there’s some people get fancy, you can actually make this stuff flame. Ooh. But you’re gonna open it up there, squirt it. You’re letting the juices out of the orange. Spray it around the outside and you can drop it in there.

Dave Schmidt: Wait-

Josh Bretl: So watch.

Dave Schmidt: Yeah I’ve never squeezed a rind.

Josh Bretl: There’s, yep. There’s little pores of orange flavor in here. It’s fantastic.

Dave Schmidt: I didn’t see anything come out.

Josh Bretl: Yep. Oh, it did.

Dave Schmidt: Oh, okay. All right.

Josh Bretl: And that is it. 

Dave Schmidt: Well, we have to name this before we, we, uh, partake. 

Josh Bretl: All right, we’re gonna call this the Scott Smith Super Bowl cocktail.

Dave Schmidt: Oh, I love it.

Josh Bretl: Scott’s gonna love this. 

Dave Schmidt: Scott, to you buddy.

Josh Bretl: Cheers.

Dave Schmidt: Cheers.

Josh Bretl: Oh, that’s fantastic. 

Dave Schmidt: I don’t even know. How do you top last time? This is fantastic. Got a little coffee, got a little bourbon and I taste some orange. How about that? 

Josh Bretl: Yeah, on a nice like winter Sunday night, you’re sitting there watching the game. 

Dave Schmidt: This is brilliant. Friends watching this, I will have a downloadable PDF recipe below the video for you to enjoy. 

Josh Bretl: So to that happy Super Bowl and uh, enjoy the cocktail.

Dave Schmidt: Go Eagles! That was awesome. Woo, this is good. 

Josh Bretl: Isn’t that good?

Dave Schmidt: Yeah.