Take a tour through the Bretl living space!

Many of our client have been asking how our home remodel has been going. Instead of telling everyone how it’s going, I decided to show everyone our current living space!

Video Transcript

Hi everyone, Josh Bretl here and welcome to my living room. Last month in the newsletter we talked about our home remodeling going on, and I’ve had a lot of people being very kind asking me, “How’s it going? How’s the kids holding up?”

And I thought I’d show you where we live right now. It’s been kind of a fun topic here. So what I’m gonna show you here is our, is our living space. So give me a second.

This is normally our living room. We have a fireplace over here. This is covered by our now kitchen counter. So the living room is become our dining room here. It’s become our front window. We kinda live in a fishbowl.

It’s become our only little couch, the family of five. It has a little loveseat here. You can see the lovely plastic behind it. So, I’ll show you around a little bit, this is what we cook on, we have a little hot plate and a little tabletop oven. All of the supplies are down there. Our cutting board, our Halloween haul, all the kids’ lunch stuff.

This is our cabinets for our beautiful dishes and silverware that we use, our water cooler where we can get some water from. Our table and our little fridge, it’s not quite dorm size, but it’s definitely not full size. And our pantry over here. And finally, this is the one big thing, this is my daughter’s craft cart that’s over there.

Upstairs everything is totally fine and normal, so we at least have good solid bedrooms. But this is our space of where we live and do everything except for wash dishes, which happens downstairs.

So thank you guys for being kind and asking. And if you’ve had any remodels yourself, I’d love to hear about it.