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Everything You Need to Know to Minimize Taxes in Retirement

Join Josh Bretl for a complimentary webinar where he will discuss what retirees need to know NOW to help minimize the taxes they will pay on their retirement income.

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During this 30-minute webinar, you will:

  • Discover specific taxes you can potentially reduce or eliminate to help protect your retirement income
  • Learn why retirees have more control over the taxes they pay
  • Find out why now is the ideal time for strategic tax planning on your retirement accounts
  • Learn the tools to create your own Strategic Tax-Focused Retirement Plan

The number one thing that impacts your retirement spending, and the one thing that no one is talking about, is taxes. We as Americans are good at doing what we’re told. Since the early 1980s we’ve been told to “shove money into your 401k, shove money into your IRAs, and you will be in a lower tax bracket when you retire.”

Well, if retirement is here for you now, or if it’s coming up soon, you need a plan on how you will get money out of those accounts. And we know that tax rates will not be going any lower, and will most likely have to go up for the greater good of the population.

So, in this webinar, we will discuss how to think about where your assets are now and how to create a plan going forward to minimize taxes on those assets for you as well as for your loved ones. And guess what? When we can minimize those taxes, your money will last longer in retirement.

It means you can take that dream vacation or leave more money to the next generation. So, I hope you’re able to join us for our upcoming webinar. Register using the button below, and I look forward to seeing you then.

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